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Compatibility Checklist

If you are experiencing problems with Maestro Label Designer, this compatibility checker may help identify the root causes.

1. Check Your Screen Resolution

Maestro Label Designer is designed for resolutions with an optimal width of 1024 pixels. For tablets, Maestro Label Designer is intended for landscape use only. If you're using a device with a lower resolution, elements of Maestro Label Designer may not be shown.

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2. Access Your Personal Fonts (optional)

Maestro Label Designer - Font Finder is a free extension that enables Maestro Label Designer to access fonts installed on your computer. You'll still have access to our font library without the extension but will need it in order to view your personal fonts. The extension is available for the following browsers:

3. Ensure Optimal Printing (PDF)

Some default PDF readers can stretch or shrink your design. This can result in prints that don't line up with the labels on your sheet. We recommend Adobe Reader® for accurate alignment and printing.

Install Adobe Reader® Set it as the default
Adobe Reader

Compatible Browsers

Maestro Label Designer is supported by the following browsers. If you're using an alternative, Maestro Label Designer may not function fully.

Additional information about your computer:

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